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Entretien Précal Inc.: Parking Area Maintenance in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa

More Than 20 Years of Experience
Entretien Précal Inc. is the leader in commercial and residential parking area maintenance in the Montreal area, in Quebec City and in Ottawa. We also specialize in cleaning services for industrial warehouses.

Founded in 1993, our clients include some of the largest property owners in the province of Quebec.
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Protection and Maintenance of Installations
Our mission entails developing maintenance programs in cooperation with our partners in order to improve the quality of their workplace (comfort, brightness, etc.), enhance the safety of their clients and employees, preserve their floor protection membranes and oversee the maintenance of their facilities.

In order to accomplish this, Entretien Précal uses efficient, modern equipment and employs a dynamic and highly skilled workforce.

Here are some of the advantages of our unique system:
  • Washing and cleaning process carried out in a single economical operation
  • Avoid accumulations of calcium, sand and gravel in your drains
  • Your properly cleaned floor coverings will last longer
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